Ski Blades
A combination of Cross Country skiing and ice skating. The boot with a special sole is locked (clicked) into the binding. The heel is not secured. The boot is hinged to the blade (in the front). As a result long strides can be made. The principle is the same as the clapskate.

The advantages of the Zandstra Ski Blades are:

* Very easy to put on and take off.
* It is possible to walk to the ice with this boot. Guards are
not neccessary.
* The same boots can be used during XC Skiing.
* There is no left or right blade so it is easy to carry a spare
* Low weight
* Stable
* All three parts are seperatly available.

The 3 parts are:

* Blade
* Binding
* Boot
Complete sets
* Information about the principle Click here.
* The Cross Country and Back Country boots and bindings are not interchangeble.

* In order to enjoy skating it is important that the boots provide enough sideways stabilty. Not every Cross Country boot is suitable for ice skating !

* Please make sure to use the correct flex. (The rubber part in front of the binding).Ice skates and skies require different type of flexes.

* We offer different kinds of sharpening jigs and sharpening stones for ski blades.

Suggested Sizing
Delta / Tango

40 Cms - S
43 Cms - M -
45 Cms - L -
48 Cms - XL -

Up to 37
38 - 40
41 - 43
44 and up
In 1987 the first ski blade (X.C. Blade) was taken into production. The idea to combine a X.C. binding with an ice skate came from Mr. Steinmetz. In close cooperation Zandstra Sports has developed this skate further.